With over 40 years of experience Howard Auctions and Estate Sales can serve all your auction needs. We are licensed and insured in the state of Indiana. We can help you determine which is the best way to dispose of your items. We take care of all photographs, descriptions and inventory of items. We can provide all labor needed for packing/moving/setup for live auctions or estate tag sale. We market your sale on several prominent auction/estate sale websites for maximum exposure. In addition, we are capable of working with you or your attorney, in the case of the death of a loved one’s estate.

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(commission rates vary)

  • On-site live in-person auction
  • On-site auction with online bidding (where items are sold and picked up on-site)
  • Packing/Moving/Setup live off-site auctions at a hall
  • Live off-site auctions at hall (where seller/estate are responsible for packing/moving/setup)
  • Complete cleanout of personal property (dumpster provided if needed)
  • Partial cleanout of personal property (dumpster provided if needed)
  • Buy-out of entire estate
  • Buy-out of partial estate or individual items
  • Estate tag sale (on-site live)
  • Estate tag sale (on-site with online bidding)
  • Consignments of individual or multiple pieces of personal property
  • Appraisals on individual items or entire estates are available



  • We collect all sales tax (when applicable) and pay to the state of Indiana
  • We provide documentation of all sales and proceeds usually within 7 business days of sale
  • We provide cleanup of all auction debris where on-site auctions are held